Ideally situated at the convergence of the North and South Esk Rivers as they flow into the Tamar, Launceston is cradled by rolling hills in Tasmania’s lush Tamar Valley. Scenic natural beauty? Check!

Surrounded by verdant farmland punctuated by vineyards and romantic villages, our city is overlooked by the craggy alpine summits of Mt Arthur, Mt Barrow and Ben Lomond. Gazing across patchwork fields bordered by hawthorn hedges and trickling creeks, you could be excused for thinking that you had been somehow transported to rural Britain – a legacy of our colonial past.

A short stroll from the City, the wrought-iron arches of historic Kings Bridge span the South Esk River as it spills into the Tamar. Just across the way is an accessible pathway through the majestic Cataract Gorge – you will be rewarded with views of native bushland, spilling rapids and Victorian gardens. And for a scenic memory to cherish, be sure to catch a ride across the First Basin on the world’s longest single-span chairlift. Wave hello to the locals as you pass overhead!

For a different appreciation of the city, hop aboard a river cruise to the Batman Bridge, after nosing your way into the Cataract Gorge as cliffs tower above. Or, take a day tour through the Tamar Valley, where rows of vines run almost to the water’s edge, and sample some of the region’s award-winning cool-climate wines.

Whether you like to just take in the view, or would rather something a little more adventurous, Launceston has scenic options to calm the mind, invigorate the spirit and revitalise the soul.