Parks & Gardens

Some of Australia’s oldest parks and gardens can be found in Launceston, many dating back to the 1800s. We have over 200 parks and reserves, all waiting for you to discover and explore.

The jewel in the crown of Launceston’s parks and gardens is the green-drenched City Park, just outside the Central Business District. Say hello to the Japanese Macaques – monkeys presented to Launceston by Japanese sister-city Ikeda – before strolling amongst giant oak and plane trees. Children will love the resident ducks, while the train ride is a perennial favourite.

Princes Square, once the site for public hangings and military drills, now offers a haven in the midst of the city – many office-workers can be seen taking lunch in a lush, tree-shaded escape.

One of the City’s favourite places to visit, the First Basin and Cataract Reserve, takes on an almost beachside appearance in the summer months as locals flock to take advantage of the cooling waters of the public swimming pool and First Basin. A network of paths winds its way through Victorian gardens and native bushland – traipse the Daffodil Track before resting in the Fairy Dell, or take in a meal at either the restaurant or café. The Reserve takes on an even more magical feel at night – transforming into a floodlit wonderland.

Take a moment to breathe deep – Launceston’s parks and gardens are a place for you to unwind and revitalise.