Duck Reach Museum

Duck Reach and the Power Station is located in a narrowing gorge on the South Esk River some 4.5 kms from its junction with the Tamar River in Launceston, Tasmania. The Trevallyn State Recreational Reserve above and behind the station building was opened up in the early 80s giving direct and quite easy access to the public to historic elements of the Duck Reach power development and the South Esk River. The study area therefore included the Trevallyn State Recreational Reserve, the South Esk River and the weirs at Deadmans Hollow, the engineers’ cottages opposite the power station, and all vehicular and main pedestrian accesses into the area. The investigation of the historical elements includes elements in and around the city, as well as those located elsewhere around the state to obtain an accurate and thorough record of the machinery that may have been available.

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