Charlie’s Dessert House

At Charlie’s we believe that there are only two important meals in the day: the first and the last. Our vision is to bring Launceston a refined all-day patisserie and late night eating establishment where sweets reign supreme, caramel drizzles off the plate and eyes light up at the exquisite combination of flavours on the plate.

At Charlie’s we offer two courses: breakfast and dessert, the two most important meals of the day. A haven for sweets lovers, we also specialise in ready-made French pastries, custom cakes and an imaginative range of cupcakes, cookies, cookie sandwiches, macarons, mini cheesecakes, slices, tarts, muffins and more.

A small team operation, we aim to bring new and imaginative flavours to the local market whilst focusing on providing great service, great flavours, and a great environment to stop and stay a while.

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